All the Benidorm Fest 2022 songs are now available

December 21, 2021


Although the official publication was scheduled for this Thursday, December 23, the Spanish public television has published by surprise all the songs of the Benidorm Fest 2022 today. One of these 14 songs will be the winner of the contest next January and will represent Spain in Eurovision 2022.

 The winner will be chosen by vote: 50% professional jury (made up of 60% national, 40% international); and 50% public (made up of 50% televoting, 50% popular jury made up of a sample of the Spanish population selected by statistical and demographic rules).

We tell you more details about the songs and we analyze them below:

“Postureo”, by Azúcar Moreno

Three decades have passed since this iconic duo achieved fifth place at Eurovision 1990 with the hit “Bandido”. Now, the Salazar sisters try to represent Spain in Eurovision 2022 with “Postureo”. A song that keeps the essence of the duo, with a strong presence of Spanish guitar, percussion and a wonderful fusion of flamenco and Arabic music with current rhythms. It will be a pleasure to dance again to the rhythm of Azúcar Moreno, the participants with the longest musical career in this edition of Benidorm and a true legend of Spanish music.

“Secreto de agua”, by Blanca Paloma

“Secreto de agua” was one of the songs that had already been published before being announced as a participant in the Benidorm Fest since it is part of the original soundtrack from the docuseries “Lucía en la telaraña” (Released on 24th November 2021). It is the first song recorded by Blanca Paloma, whose life has been closely linked to the theater, where she has worked as a set designer and costume designer. She has been labeled by many Eurovision fans and journalists in Spain as “the great discovery” of this Benidorm Fest. Her proposal for Eurovision is a musical jewel full of nuances that take us to Andalusi Arabic music. An intimate and exciting ballad ready to make Spain, Europe and the world fall in love.

“SloMo”, by Chanel

Ready to dance? Chanel is a singer and actress born in Cuba although she grew up in Spain. She has been part of the great musical theaters in Spain. Her proposal for Eurovision has a team that has worked with artists such as Madonna, the Black Eyed Peas, Britney Spears, Ricky Martin, María Carey, or Niki Minage, among others. “SloMo” is a pop dance song with Latin and urban rhythms. A song that could burn the dance floor of the Euroclub in Turin.

“Quién lo diría”, by Gonzalo Hermida

We don’t always want to shake our hips on the dance floor, sometimes we want to dance hugging that special someone. For this the song of the young singer-songwriter Gonzalo Hermina is ideal. “Quién lo diría” is a romantic ballad composed by Gonzalo himself with David Santisteban. The fact is that Spain has had many successes at Eurovision thanks to ballads. Which is a point in favor of Gonzalo’s proposal. Are you ready to fall into the net of love?

“Culpa”, by Javiera Mena

The electro pop rhythm has flooded our bodies when listening to the song by Javiera Mena. This Chilean singer residing in Spain is an icon of this musical genre and she has even been nominated for a Latin Grammy. “Culpa” is a Pop Dance song fused with French House that talks about the feeling of guilt. If this goes to Turin, it will be one of the most original and risky proposals with which Spain has participated in this contest.

“Voy a morir”, by Luna Ki

Without a doubt, Luna Ki is the most groundbreaking artist at Benidorm Fest. This person of non-binary gender has an overwhelming aesthetic image easily recognizable by the public, whose musical reproductions exceed 200,000 monthly listeners. This multidisciplinary artist brings us to Benidorm the song “Voy a morir”, an alternative rock song that is inspired by the anime universe.

“Sigues en mi mente”, by Marta Sango

Do you miss the music of the 80s? Well, listen to Marta’s song. We met this young artist thanks to Operación Triunfo. She was a contestant on the 2018-2019 edition. After that experience, she has made a musical in Madrid and is preparing her first album. Her song for the Benidorm Fest is a retropop with rhythms typical of the music of the 80s. And who doesn’t like that hit of musical melancholy from time to time?

“Calle de la llorería”, by Rayden

Have you felt an earthquake? Because when Rayden said that he had submitted a song for the Benidorm Fest, a tremor shook the Spanish fans. This musician and poet is one of the most talented artists on the Spanish music scene at the moment. An artist who stands out for his ability to merge musical genres but always from the originality and brilliance of his lyrics, very defined by the rap music. “Calle de la llorería” sends all undesirable people to “cry” on the street with that name. It is a very powerful song with the essence of rap but with a markedly Mediterranean style, with clapping and strong percussion. Its lyrics, poem mode, keep a message as powerful as its music.

“Ay, mama”, by Rigoberta Bandini

The great feminist anthem of Benidorm Fest arrives in the voice of Rigoberta Bandini. This dubbing actress, songwriter and singer has been included in the list of the 100 most creative Spanish artists according to Forbes magazine. In 2020, Rigoberta Bandini swept her single “In Spain we called Soledad”, a song that went viral in Spain. She now she will try to conquer Europe with a new song, “Ay, mama”, an ode to the female body, motherhood and all the women of the world. A fresh song and very faithful to the style of this singer.

“Make you say”, by Sara Deop

New talents come stomping in the Benidorm Fest! Sara Deop was contestant of “The Voice Kids” in Spain a few years ago. Now, after publishing two studio songs, she is looking for the opportunity to represent Spain in Eurovision. The team behind this artist has worked with world-renowned artists such as Dua Lipa and they have created for Sara Deop an urban pop hit with a very international sound.

“Terra”, by Tanxugueiras

Spain is not only flamenco, guitars and clapping. Spain is a very culturally rich country and this song proves it. “Terra” is a powerfull and empowered song born from Celtic music and the most ascentral folklore of the autonomous community of Galicia, in northwestern Spain. Olaia Maneiro, Aida Tarrío and Sabela Maneiro are the three components of Tanxugueiras, a feminist group, vindictive and always committed to bringing the music of their region closer to current music. “Terra” is composed entirely in Galician, although it includes the phrase “There are no borders” in five languages: all the official languages of Spain (Galician, Basque, Catalan and Spanish), in addition to the Asturian language, unofficial language in Spain but spoken by more than 300,000 in the Principality of Asturias, the neighboring region to Galicia. It is the first time that Spain has opted for a song in an official language other than Spanish. Isn’t it exciting to know that we are about to see a historic moment and the debut of new languages at Eurovision thanks to Tanxugueiras?

“Mejores”, by Unique

Ready for a dose of good energy and optimism? These are Mat, Arman, Gio and Valen, known as Unique. They bring us a song full of urban and Latin rhythms composed by Marco Dettoni, Carlos Almazán, Javier López, Gabriel Oré, Arman and Gio under the production of Manu Chalud. Without a doubt, one of the most positive proposals of this Benidorm Fest and that makes us smile when we listen to it.

“Raffaella”, by Varry Brava

Is there something that unites Spain and Italy more than Raffaella Carrá? The answer is… No! That is why, at a contest to be held in Turin, Spain would be very well represented by the group Varry Brava, whose song is a tribute to the great Italian artist. This indie-style song tells the story of how Raffaella crossed our lives like a shooting star, lighting us up with his music and pushing us onto the dance floors. Indie music fused with lighthearted electronic pop that will bring a spirit of madness and optimism to the stage.

“Eco”, by Xeinn

This young promise began his career in the world of music by uploading covers to YouTube, where he currently has 222,000 followers and more than 18 million views. His great influences are Justin Bieber, Post Malone and The weekend. This 2021 he has released his first album and his goal for 2022 is to represent Spain at Eurovision with “Eco”. This song, composed by Carlos Marco, Jimmy Jansson, Marcus Winther and Thomas G:son, has influences from Synth pop and R&B that speaks just of the moment when you find your soul mate. Have you also felt the same while listening to this song?

What are your favorite songs from Benidorm Fest 2022? What do you think is the best option to represent Spain in Eurovision? We read your opinions in the comments below!



(Main image: RTVE)

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