All change here! New voting system is coming to Melodifestivalen 2022

January 27, 2022


As Melodifestivalen enters a new era, the new project manager for Melodifestivalen, Anette Brattström, has confirmed to Aftonbladet that changes will be made to the voting system for the 2022 contest.

The main reason for the change in voting system is to involve the viewers more with the shows, and to make their viewing experience a better one, as Anette explains: “When we see how the viewers vote, they are very involved in the first half of the program. But then we think that all heartbeats are over, so during the rest of the program you can not get involved and influence anymore. Therefore, we will now hand out new heart votes for round two.”

How will the new voting system work?

As each of the seven acts perform in each heat, viewers will be able to vote for their favourites via the Melodifestivalen app. They can vote up to five times for each song by awarding them “hearts”.  After the seven acts have performed, the act who received the highest number of votes from the first round of voting will advance to the final.

After this, viewers will have the chance to vote again for the remaining six acts, and once again, viewers will be able to vote up to five times for each act by awarding them “hearts”.  The votes from the second round of voting will be added to the votes from the first round, and will be broken down into age categories (3-9; 10-15; 16-29; 30-44; 45-59, 60-74; 75+), plus votes from telephone voters.

Once the second round of voting ends, the full results will be announced in Eurovision style. The 12 points from each age group plus telephone voters will be announced by the hosts, with the 10 points, 8 points and 7-1 points automatically added onto the screen.

The act with the highest score from the second round of voting will advance to the final, whilst the acts in second and third place will advance to the new semi final (previously Andra Chansen). The winners of the heat will not perform their song again, like in previous years.

The announcement of the total scores that eact of the seven acts receive on the night is something that is new for Melodifestivalen. In previous editions, the full votes for each of the heats has not normally been revealed until a few days later.

When asked about the change to the way the votes are announced on the night, and whether it was fair on the artists or not, Annette explained: “No, I actually do not think so. Because what we do is show how much support the artists still received. It has been received positively in previous years when we have reported that even those who have finished fifth, sixth or seventh received a lot of votes and aroused a great deal of commitment.”

Changes have also been made to the voting process in the Melodifestivalen grand final, and we will once again see two rounds of voting.

As each of the 12 finalists are performing, viewers will be able to vote up to five times for each act via the Melodifestivalen app. Once the international jury votes have been announced, the viewers will have the chance to vote again, and will have up to five votes for each act. The viewers votes will be revealed by age group, just like the heats.

The 62nd edition of Melodifestivalen in 2022 will take place over six weeks, with the first heat on February 5th and the final on March 12th. All of the shows will be hosted by previous Melodifestivalen participant, Oscar Zia, who will be joined by an array of co-hosts.

Unlike in previous years where all of the shows were hosted in different locations around Sweden, this years will see all shows hosted from the Avicii Arena in Stockholm. This change has been made due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Melodifestivalen tour will also not go ahead for the same reason.

Are you excited for Melodifestivalen 2022? What are your thoughts on the new voting system? Let us know in the comments below!

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