Albina Receives Porin Award for Best New Artist

June 8, 2021


The Porin Awards are the most prestige awards in Croatia.

Albina, who performed the song “Tick Tock” at the 2021 Eurovision song contest, was awarded in the category for the best new artist. “I wasn’t expecting this and I haven’t prepared anything to say“, were Albina’s  first words after she got the award but then she added, “I would like to dedicate this award to all the kids who were there in front waiting for me to arrive from the early morning and I can’t believe that someone like 22 years old me could be a role model to all of those youngsters who are so genuine and honest and that’s the biggest honour for me so thank you all so much“.

She was this close to the final in Eurovison 2021, but she got this deserved award in her own country. Happy for her? Your opinion counts!

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