Albania: Kejtlin Gjata to sing “Pakëz diell” at Junior Eurovision 2022

October 25, 2022



Kejtlin Gjata will represent Albania at Junior Eurovision 2022 in Yerevan with the song "Pakëz diell" (A Little Sun).

Gjata earned the right to go to Junior Eurovision by beating 17 songs in Albania’s national final ‘Junior Fest 2022‘.

Only the top 3 were announced on the night. Dea Amoniku came second with “Nuk jemi lodër per asnjëri” (We Are Not a Toy For Anyone) while Erta Jonuzi came third with “Premtim” (Promise).


Albania at Junior Eurovision

Albania made their debut at the contest in 2012, sadly Igzidora Gjeta and her song “Kam një këngë vetëm për ju” (I Got a Song Just For You) finished in last place. 

The Balkan country have taken part 7 times before this year, only reaching the top 10 once in 2015 when Mishela Rapo and her song “Dambaje” (Vault) came in the 5th place.

Last year in Paris Albania came in 14th place with Anna Gjebrea and her song “Stand By You“.

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