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Aiden received multiple warnings over breaking MESC rules before disqualification

January 24, 2023


It has been confirmed that Aidan received multiple warnings over rule breaking in MESC 2023 before he was disqualified.

As was confirmed on January 23rd, Aidan was disqualified from MESC 2023 as he had broken two rules in relation to promotion of himself as an MESC act, his song and performance. 

As of today, it has been confirmed by a PBS spokesperson for MESC that Aidan had received multiple warnings from the broadcaster over his persistant rule breaking in MESC, which eventually led to his disqualification.

The singer has a number of posts on his official social media accounts on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, which were not authorised by PBS, and which went directly against the rules and regulations.

“Each competition has its own rules. The regulations are there to ensure that the process is impartial and that all singers are given the same chance and the same opportunities, regardless of their individual means or resources. The competition takes place on the same equal level of promotion for each participant.

There are clear regulations that state that no promotion can take place from the time the names of the quarter finalists are announced. We do this to give the same space in an equal way and above all so that no one takes an advantage in one way or another over the other participants.”

PBS takes charge

It is stated in the official rules and regulations for MESC 2023 that any marketing content or social media posts related to the acts and songs in this years contest can only be done through Maltese broadcaster PBS. 

PBS makes it clear during the issuance of the regulations, and during the submissions phase, where all the acts are asked to make a statemement that by partcipating in MESC 2023, they are bound by the rules and regulations set out by PBS.

“The protection and enforcement of the rules protect the integrity of the competition and the protection of all singers with a fair trial.”

Aidan performed “Regina” in the first quarter final of MESC 2023, and had asserted himself as an early front runner. This comes after a succesful outing last year when he finished in second place with “Ritmu”. Aidan’s first appearance in MESC however, came in 2018, when he finished in 4th place with “Dai Laga”.

What are your thoughts on Aidan’s disqualification from MESC 2023? Do you think he will return to MESC in the future? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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