Achille Lauro is the new “voce per San Marino” and will fly to Turin

February 19, 2022

San Marino


After a week of music and performances in the little Republic of San Marino Achille Lauro has won “Una Voce per San Marino” and gets the opportunity to represent the country at the Eurovision Song Contest in May. While the 5 semi-final selections leading up to tonight’s final took place in a smaller venue with a different production company, the Grand Final at Teatro Nuovo Dogana was completely produced by San Marino RTV.

"Una Voce per San Marino" 's competing artists

Elena & Francesco Faggi – Nothin’ can blow me out 

Matteo FaustiniL’ultima parola

Aaron Sibley Pressure

Spagna – Seriously in love

Vina Rose – Sweet Denial

Cristina Ramos – Heartless game

Alessia Labate – World Fall Down

Achille Lauro Stripper

Mate – DNA

Deshedus ft. Tony Cicco & Alberto Fortis – Sono un uomo 

Basti – Running 

Francesco Monte – Mi ricordo di te (Adrenalina)

Kurt Kassar – Tears of Gold

Valerio Scanu – Io credo 

Mericler – Tiramisu

Burak Yeter & Alessandro – More than you 

Camille Cabaltera – Move ’em like you never did 

Fabry & Labiuse ft. Miodio – Blu

Final Results

1. Achille Lauro 

2. Burak Yeter & Alessandro

3. Aaron Sibley 

4. Spagna

5. Francesco Monte, Matteo Faustini

6. Camille Cabaltera, Vina Rose

7. Tony Cicco, Mar claire

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