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“A more beautiful country does not exist”: DoReDoS praise the natural beauty of Moldova in the new single ‘Leagănul Dorului Meu’

| November 6, 2020

  Stepping away from their usual sound, the Moldovan trio releases a ballad, heavily featuring the Romanian variation of pan flute – Nai, the soothing melody of which tells about DoReDoS’ love for the natural beauty of their homeland.

  In the description of the video trio shares their inspirations for writing ‘Leagănul Dorului Meu’ (The cradle of my longing):

“A more beautiful country does not exist in this world. Smooth hills and rivers with crystal clear waters, monasteries and churches are reasons for pride. The place where we feel best! We were inspired by the nature of our motherland. The sceneries are so beautiful you can create paintings, poems, and songs in their praise. You can endlessly sing about this beauty! Just look around! This song was written inspired by the sights around us from the bottom of our hearts! We really want you to hear our souls in this song and felt our love for this nature!”

DoReDoS at Eurovision

The trio represented Moldova in Eurovision Song contest 2018 in Lisbon finishing in 10th place with ‘My Lucky Day’, the simple but charming staging of which made them stand out and brought Moldova their 4th top 10 result. DoReDoS have also tried to represent their country in 2015 with ‘Maricia’ and in 2016 with ‘FunnyFolk’.

What do you think about DoReDoS’ change of sound? Do you share their love for Moldovan nature? Let us know in the comments below!


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