A further five cities in the United Kingdom express their interest in hosting Eurovision 2023

June 20, 2022


Just last week, it was confirmed by the EBU that Ukraine will not be able to host Eurovision 2023, and that runners-up of the 2022 contest, The United Kingdom, have been offered hosting rights.

In the wake of this announcement, and with the possibility of the Eurovision Song Contest returning to the United Kingdom for the first time since 1998, many cities across the country expressed their interest in wanting to host the contest: Brighton; Glasgow; Leeds; London and Manchester.

Since then, a further seven countries across the United Kingdom (including Northern Ireland and Scotland), have expressed their interest in hosting Eurovision 2023.


The city of Birmingham has begun it’s Eurovision campaign to “Bring It To Birmingham”. Chair of Birmingham City Council Jack Deakin, has shown his support for his own city hosting the biggest music event in the world on his official Twitter account.

Robert Aldern, Councillor of Birmingham City Council has also chimed in with his thoughts on Birmingham potentially hosting Eurovision 2023:

“Birmingham is proud to be a leading City of Sanctuary in the U.K and with thousands turning out to show their support for Ukraine in a vigil, the people of Birmingham would welcome the opportunity to show solidarity with Ukraine and step in to be the host…

…Brummies have been welcoming Ukrainians this year as part of the Homes for Ukrainians Scheme, with plans for up to 1000 to relocate here and it would be great to see all those who now call Birmingham home given free tickets. It also makes great sense as the City is well known for hosting large-scale international events and its position as Commonwealth Games hosts this year, best places Birmingham as the frontrunner.”

Should Eurovision 2023 come to Birmingham, it would mark the second time the city has hosted the contest, the first being in 1998 in the National Indorr Arena. The city boasts an international airport, good transport links throughout the city, plenty of accomodations and the Utilita Arena Birmingham with a capacity of 15,800.


The Welsh capital, which boasts the largest venue in the United Kingdom, the Motorpoint Cardiff Arena with a capacity of 70,000, has expressed their interest in potentially hosting Eurovision 2023.

Politicians in Wales, including leader of Cardiff Council and leader of the Welsh Conservatives among others, have expressed their support for Eurovision coming to Wales for the first time. The city has an international airport, good transport links throughout the city and plenty of hotels and apartments.


Sheffield, which is twinned with the city of Donetsk in Ukraine, has said they “stand ready to host Eurovision” should the United Kingdom be chosen as host country, as member of Sheffield Council, Ben Miskell, states on his official Twitter.

The Sheffield Arena has a capacity of 13,600. The city is served by Doncaster Sheffield Airport, and is the fourth largest city in England, with a population of over 569,000 people. There is a good transport network within the city, and plenty of hotels and apartments.


Sunderland’s Councillor, Dominic McDonough, has called upon the City Council of Sunderland to consider bidding to potentially host Eurovision 2023.

“Sunderland has the facilities to host, with the Stadium of Light being a perfect venue and the Beacon of Light being a perfect space to host the press centre and Euroclub. The amount of tourism and media interest that it would bring to the area would be a game changer. As a city we should be ambitious and this would be the ultimate prize.”

The closest international airport to Sunderland is Newcastle Airport, which is approximatley 16 kilometres away. The city does have a venue, The Stadium of Light, with a capacity of 60,000. However, it does not have a roof; so unless a roof can be put on, it would make it ineligible to host Eurovision.


A rather unlikely Eurovision host city bid comes from the city of Wolverhampton, which is in the West Midlands, close to Birmingham. Former Mayor of Wolverhampton, and Wolverpahmpton Councillor Claire Darke, have expressed their interest in potentially hosting Eurovision 2023.

“I call on the Government and the BBC to provide financial support to enable Wolverhampton and the wider area to reap the benefits of this globally significant event. Wolverhampton has many potential public spaces for fan zones and to host the contest, including Molineux Stadium, Dunstall Park, and the newly-refurbished Civic Halls…

…I will be calling Wolverhampton’s finest musical talent to join together to support this cause with a one-off concert with all proceeds to support refugees in Ukraine. Wolverhampton is a diverse, multicultural, and inclusive city open to all. Eurovision has helped unite diverse communities across the world. Wolverhampton is ready to play its part.”

The city is home to the Molineux Stadium, which has a seated capacity of 31,500. In 2020, there were talks of a retractable roof being added to the Stadium. The closest international airport to Wolverhampton is in Birmingham, which is approximatley 18.9 miles away.

If the 2023 Eurovision Song Contest comes to the United Kingdom, do you think any of these five cities will be chosen as the host city? Let us know what you think in the comments below! 

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