A Finnish Eurovision act and a Eurovision host are unmasked in Finland!

| December 23, 2020

More acts that have a Eurovision connections have been unmasked on the international reality hit TV show The Masked Singer. The latest celebrities from the world of Eurovision were unmasked on the Finnish version of the show. 

The first of the two to be unmasked was Finnish Eurovision 2013 act Krista Siegfrids who was under the Taikahattu (Magic Hat). Krista was unmasked in the semi finals and finished in 4th overall. Krista represented Finland with the song Marry Me. 

The second of the two to be unmasked was 2007 Eurovision host Mikko Leppilampi. Mikko co-hosted the contest in Helskinki following Finland’s win in 2006 with Lordi. Mikko was unmasked as the Pakkanen (Frost) in the final and finished in 3rd overall.

The Masked Singer has become an international hit with numerous countries producing their own versions including many countries that participate in Eurovision. Eurovoxx has compiled a special article on the Eurovision acts that have been unmasked globally. 

Are you a fan of the masked singer? Which Eurovision act do you think will next be unmasked next and more importantly where? Let us know in the comments below!

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