A collaboration with Spanish superstar Aitana? Clara catches up with Croatia’s Albina

May 13, 2021


Only a few more days until Albina finally has the change to represent her country Croatia on the Eurovision stage with the English – Croatian song ”Tick Tock”. But did you know that Albina is also fluently in Spanish? Clara caught up with Albina to talk about her favourite songs and, maybe, a possible collaboration with a famous Spanish artist.

Clara heard about that Albina is a huge fan of Aitana, a Spanish artist who released songs like ”Vas A Quedarte” or ”Lo Malo” (Operación Triunfo).

Albina: ”Yes I love Aitana, I’ve watched Operación Triunfo (2017) and she was my favourite. She has a sweet voice but great energy at the same time. I think I should collaborate with her some day. I don’t know if she wants to, but I think it would be really good.” 

Thereupon she explains her thoughts about a possible collaboration in more detail.

”I think our collaboration would be very nice because, as you said, we are very similar in terms of interpretation. <..> Aitana, are you interested?”

Albina also mentioned that her favourite song from Aitana is ”Vas A Quedarte”. She loves this song and can also sing along a bit. Afterwards, she and Clara were singing parts of a few songs from Aitana together, like ”Vas A Quedarte” or ”Con La Miel En Los Labios”. Clara jokingly explained that this is a casting for Albina to collaborate with Aitana.

If you want to hear Albina singing and speaking Spanish, check out the full interview:

Photos used in the article are courtesy of EBU/ Thomas Hanses

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