11 finalists have been chosen in Ukraine’s Junior Eurovision national final

| August 28, 2020

The organising committee in this years Ukrainian national final for Junior Eurovision 2020 have shortlisted 11 acts who have advanced to the final stages of the selection process. One of these 11 acts will go on to represent Ukraine at Junior Eurovision 2020.

From these 11 acts, 8 of them have original songs, 2 of them have cover songs and 1 act advanced to the final because their video amassed the most number of likes online.

Acts with original songs:

  1. Polina Babii – “SuperBit”
  2. Oleksandr Balabanov – “Vidkryvai” (Open)
  3. Yulia Karimi – “People”
  4. Anzhelina McFarlane (Rrealina) – “My Spirit”
  5. Yaroslav Politov (Yar Politov) – “Good Always Wins”
  6. Anhelina Terennikova – “The Vibe”
  7. Olena Usenko (Ellen) – “Never Get Free”
  8. Sofia Shkidchenko – “O.K.”

Acts with cover songs:

  1. Nikita Achkasov – “My Oasis”
  2. Darin Osman – “Natural Woman”

The act who received the highest number of likes online:

  1. Daniela Shapochnikova – “Tvoie Maibutnie” (Your Future)

To all the participants that unfortunatley didn’t make it this year, the executive producer of entertainment at UA:Pershyi television channel, Stanislav Miedviediev has reminded everyone that they will able to try again in next years national selection: “It was very hard to chose because of many gifted, charismatic and hard working children who, in addition to pure vocal performance, literally lived through the song in front of the microphone. I would like to thank everyone: the parents, the children, the coaches. We are waiting for you next year. For our part, we will take care that next year, as many children as possible get a chance to participate in the National Selection and compete for the right to represent Ukraine at the international contest.”

A total of 105 applications were received, and out of these, 70 conformed to the rules which were then reviewed by the organising committee. The committee was very impressed with the high level of applications this year, as Maksym Yakovenko, chief producer of UA:Radio Promin pointed out: “There were many decent participants. Listening to them, I paid attention to melodics, artistic skills and song performances on camera. I would really like that our participant wins the Junior Eurovision Song Contest because we certainly have talents!”

Out of all the applications, there was a pretty even split between those with original songs, and those singing covers, as head of delegation for Ukraine in Junior Eurovision, Oksana Skybinska mentioned: “This year, we received both multi-genre and unique original songs, which has become a tradition for the Ukrainian national selection, and vocally and emotionally strong interpretations of popular compositions. It was very difficult to make a shortlist of such a constellation of young artists. Ahead is an even harder choice of the representative of Ukraine for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest to be made by the jury and online users. All the applications accepted this year are published on the website of the National Selection, so the whole of Europe can watch and listen to the talented Ukrainian children awaiting the international contest.”

All of the acts that submitted cover songs will record a song that will be provided by the Ukrainian broadcaster. The acts who submitted original songs will have the opportunity to keep their own songs, or record the song of the broadcaster, if they would like to.

Have you heard all of the participants from the national final? Who is your favourite? Let us know in the comments below!

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