10 Artists Announced for Una Voce Per San Marino!

February 8, 2022


San Marino has been one of the favorite countries of Eurovision fans in recent years. Over the past two years, Senhit has become one of the fan favorite artists, earning the nickname “Freaky Queen”.

After Senhit’s huge success among fans, the offical broadcaster of San Marino RTV has started working on Eurovision 2022. The official channel announced earlier this year that it will hold a national final called “Una Voca Per San Marino”. One of the categories that will compete in this national final round is the “Big Artists” category, in which the artists received an invitation from the state channel.

Today, the official channel announced the names that will compete in this category. Among the names that are quite familiar are Achille Lauro, who recently competed in Sanremo and Serhat, Turkish artist who represented San Marino in 2016 and 2019. Among these names announced today is the famous Turkish DJ Burak Yeter.

The full list announced is as follows:

  • Cristina Ramos
  • Francesco Monte
  • Burak Yeter & Alessandro Coli
  • Valerio Scanu
  • Blind
  • Ivana Spagna
  • Matteo Faustini
  • Tony Cicco & Deshedus & Alberto Fortis
  • Fabry & Labiuse con Miodio
  • Achille Lauro

Last year Senhit represented San Marino with her song “Adrenalina”. She got 50 points in the final and finished the competition in 22th place.

What are your thoughts on the big name artists in Una Voce Per San Marino? Let us know in the comments below!

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